Igopak in action – planting forests for future generations

Igopak in action – planting forests for future generations

In April of this year, IGOPAK, in cooperation with Bojanice forestry, took part in an action to plant 1 hectare of forest near Swidnica.


Representatives of our company in the number of 50 people bravely prepared the ground for seedlings, for deciduous trees such as lindens and beeches. The weather was unusually good, and good humor accompanied everyone involved in the action of planting the forest. At the end, everyone gathered around a bonfire, where they fried sausages and enjoyed the joyful atmosphere of a job well done. Our work will serve the next generations.

In line with its environmental policy, Igopak’s management supports and will continue to support environmentally friendly actions. Sustainable development of our company requires social responsibility on many levels, including that related to environmental protection.

Did you know that 1h of forest absorbs 200 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere? We encourage everyone to take such action.

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